Anyone who has study the Quranic recitation is likely familiar with the phrase tajweed. To perfect, enhance, or improve is the definition of the word in its simplest form. It is a series of guidelines use by Muslims to recite the holy Quran in a manner similar to that taught to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Jibrael. We are starting free Quran tajweed online classes for beginners to help to understand the Quran.

Why Quran tajweed

Since all Arabs understood tajweed in the era of the revelations, the concept of studying tajweed did not exist. The Quran was initially transmit verbally, yet even the earliest manuscripts differ greatly from the current translations. There were no additional signs or dots like other letters have. These symbols were gradually add to help non-Arab converts to Islam pronounce Tajweed.

Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran:

Or add to it, and recite the Qur’an with measure recitation.

The Quran [73:4]

Minor history of tajweed:

People didn’t want to learn Tajweed during the Islamic era of Muhammad (SAW), as they naturally spreak in what is now known as Tajweed. The scholars had to write down the guidelines because errors in Qur’anic recitation began to arise as Islam spread among non-Arabs and Arabs. Even Arabs today must learn Tajweed as their native Arabic has significantly diverge from Classical Arabic where the Qur’an was given.


Everyone, Arabs and non-Arabs alike, must learn Tajweed and follow these free Quran tajweed online class Guidelines when reciting the Quran. Last but not least, you might just have heard the Qur’an deliver in a way that touch your soul. Only those who are familiar with Tajweed can perform this type of recitation with Qirat. Amin. May Allah give all Muslims the memorization of the Qur’an with free Quran tajweed online classes.

More About Tajweed

Islam is a pragmatic faith, and the Holy Quran teaches us about all facets of life. Above everything, the Quran contains a recompense for every single word. Arabic is an exquisite language, and the Quran’s writing is unparallel. The Holy Quran is in fact a very lovely book that gives joy and satisfaction when it is read. Most significantly, when we recite the holy Quran correctly (with Tajweed), it gives us an accurate perspective. Every phrase in the Quran comes directly from Allah since it is His word. Its recital requires extreme seriousness.

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